Guidelines For Any Worldwin Media Program

We encourage you to get involved in this program.
This can be a great opportunity to share your gifts and talents with the large viewing audience. 
There are some guide lines we must, and gladly do want to follow. 
We just want you to know some of them up-front.

 1. We are looking for people who have something informative to share with the Communities.
 2. We don't want any Negative, Destructive, Nudity or Violent Material on this program.
    As producers of this program, we reserve the right to choose the Content of the Program.
 3. We cannot pay you for your material, or Guest appearances.
 4. We rely on donations to our Worldwin Media, Non profit Organization from sponsors, clients, viewers, or special guests
 5. We cannot give you any commercial advertising for your products or services.  We don't sell products.  You do not pay for airtime, we are not selling airtime.
 6. If we do not know you, to get to know you further we may ask you to send a Bio, Press
     Information, Demos, etc to our P.O box..

 7. Performers, and those that send Materials Must sign a Release form if their stuff gets aired.
     In most circumstances a verbal agreement should be good enough.. 

     If you are interviewed or  you talk on our program, or give us a promo.   This will be considered permission enough for us to air you and or your material. 

     If we are asked, or sponsored to do an open air event, (car show, various trade show) 

     it is up to the sponsor / client to: notify, post,  obtain any releases in regards to content being filmed, Including crowd shots, pan arounds, etc.

 8. When we Contact you to ask you if you want to be on the program. 
     If we do not hear from you, a follow up call will be placed.  If we do not hear from you

     the opportunity will be closed. It is your loss.

9.  We cannot be responsible for last minute changes in scheduling, during time of Cable Cast. 
10. We are not responsible for any technical difficulties at the time of Cable Cast.  It is out of our hands.


For More Information
Contact Tom or Tami at
(708) 562-4859
In Writing Correspondence send to:
Worldwin Media:

P.O. Box 7742 Westchester, IL 60154

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